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The Association

The Parks and Gardens of Italy Association (APGI) is a private non-profit organization, legally recognized, established with the objective of becoming the national organization of reference and coordination of agencies and entities - both private and State-owned - that deals with parks and gardens, an important sector of the Italian cultural heritage but not adequately protected and enhanced.

Promoted by Arcus SpA, a company owned by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, APGI protects and enhances Italian landscape and cultural heritage, and is actively supported by a number of related organizations that contribute to make APGI the most qualified organization to undertake the project.

The APGI acts not only nationally but also internationally , representing Italy in the European Project called "Parks and Gardens of Europe" ( PGE ) , an initiative that involves several European Union countries ( including France, Germany, Portugal , Belgium, Great Britain) and is intended to jointly promote the knowledge and study of historical parks and gardens, enhancing the exchange of experience and information on their management and maintenance. In May 2013, APGI’s President joined the board of the European Institute of Gardens and Landscapes, established at the Castle Benouville in Normandy, institution created to coordinate the European initiatives.

Promoted by Arcus SpA, a company owned by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, APGI protects and enhances Italian landscape and cultural heritage, and is actively supported by a number of related organizations.


The main strategic objectives of the Association are based on the view that parks and historic gardens are a relevant part of our cultural heritage (and as such are protected and safeguarded by law). In Italy, their development and knowledge actually reflects a significant delay compared to other European countries where there is a more lively tradition of restoration and conservation (and where there are many associations that promote initiatives in this area).

The Association intends to carry out concrete actions in the public interest, promote the culture of gardens and ask public administration to address the main shortcomings of the sector.

President of APGI is the Ambassador Ludovico Ortona.

The Inventory Project

Despite the richness of Italian heritage in the field of parks and historic gardens, there is not a complete inventory of parks and gardens in Italy essential for their conservation and enhancement.

The Inventory project aims at making a complete reconnaissance of the existing parks and historic gardens of Italy contributing to the overall picture of the reality of this heritage, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, through a database made of uniform and comparable data.

APGI carries out the census in close cooperation with the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism and, in particular, in accordance with procedures and technical standards dictated by the Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation ( ICCD ). Moreover, working in collaboration with the "Parks and Gardens of Europe" ( PGE ), this inventory will contribute to the creation of European data base.

Our activities

  • The development of the web portal aimed at a broad audience, including professionals and landscape architects, but also industry experts and supporters;
  • A cognitive complete inventory of the parks and gardens of the entire country, aimed not only to protect and preserve, but also to enhance public enjoyment and tourism
  • The training of staff working for the management of the gardens (from a simple gardener, landscape architect , the government official , etc.).
  • The updating of legislation to overcome the current regulatory gaps in the fields of security, protection, conservation and recovery , and in that of taxes for owners of gardens and sponsors
  • The organization of conferences and the production of publications on the most important issues and best practices in this area, related to the sustainable development of parks and gardens and their tourism potential.

Support APGI's activities

We need your help!

You can subscribe to APGI in two ways:

  • Ordinary Members
    They share the mission of the Association and contribute to the achievement of its goals by paying the annual membership fee. In the initial phase priority will be given to the enrollment of parks and gardens’ owners and trade organizations.
    Membership fee: free contribution from € 200,00.
  • "Meritorious" Members
    They contribute to support financially the Association or assure equivalent support by providing free services.
    Quota associativa: contributo libero a partire da € 1.000,00 o equivalente in servizi.
Membership fee: free contribution from € 1,000.00 or equivalent services. The subscription is valid for the current calendar year, regardless of the effective date of association

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The form, filled in all the fields and accompanied by CV and / or cover letter can be sent to:

  • fax to n. +39 06 42089 227
  • e-mail to
  • e-mail to APGI - Via Barberini, 86 - 00187 Rome (Italy)

The Council, evaluated the request of the candidate, it will confirm its acceptance by informing the member in writing or by email.

APGI databases

APGI is building a large and thorough database of all the Italian parks and gardens. Alongside it, there are some other additional databases devoted to the organizations related with the world of gardens, a selected bibliography and the training courses available.

The contents of these databases are in Italian, but the abstract of each record in the parks and gardens archive is available also in English.

APGI - Associazione Parchi e Giardini d'Italia
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